8 Indian Highway Dhabas That Are A 'Must Stop' While Travelling

2. Sharma Vaishno Dhaba, Kufri Chail Road

Situated on an interstate but rather in case you're venturing out to Chail from Kufri, then this little dhaba is the spot to get your fix of hand crafted sustenance. This modest joint is found 3 km after Chail showcase and is keep running by a few who affectionately cook and serve the best veggie lover food. Hot top picks are aloo mattar, kadhi pakoda, rajma, chutney and chai.

3. Zamindara Dhaba, Near Ludhiana Airport, NH 1

You'll retreat in time when you eat at Zamindara dhaba, a prominent dhaba that helds a lot of its customary Punjabi flavors, making it a pit stop for a wide range of voyagers. Stop by at this rural dhaba for a nibble of true Punjabi society and cooking. Their Kadi Chawal and Sandhu Daal are lip smacking.

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