10 Strongest Militaries In The World

BANGALORE:  Military forces in most of the countries all over the globe are specially prepared and managed to enhance the country’s defense position. Large and strong armies show the courage, bravery and the power of a nation.

“Global Firepower” has recently made things easier by creating a Power Index (PwrIndx) which takes into account 40 different factors to determine the score of each of the 68 countries from its database.

The global powers are rated taking into account the number and data of the each country’s all three forces put together, that is on land, sea and the air. 

By assigning a PwrIndx score to each country, “Global Firepower” creates a ranking of countries by their military strength.

Let’s take a look at the world’s most powerful militaries according to the index.

10. Brazil:

The world's fifth largest nation, both by geographical area and by population, Brazil is one such nation with a well equipped military strength.

With 327,710 active-duty troops and officers, the armed forces of Brazil are the biggest in Latin America. Since, there are no serious external or internal threats, the armed forces are searching for new roles. So, it has become more involved in civic-action programs, education, health care, and constructing roads, bridges, and railroads across the nation.

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