Vinay Jaiswal's Short Film Cheetiyaan Talks About Perspectives

Vinay Jaiswal's Short Film Cheetiyaan Talks About Perspectives

Vinay Jaiswal has come up with a short film that talks about perspectives and the human tendency to create divide on the basis of the same. Titled "Cheetiyaan," the film tells the story of two best friends -- a Hindu and a Muslim -- and how they overcome judgemental bias towards each others religion.

"We have been seeing religion and caste-based divide since the beginning of time. I personally feel that the divide and rule policy, which the British had started in our country, that is continuing till date. My film talks about perspectives. Every religion tries to portray their perspective as correct and it is a deep problem," Vinay told IANS, 

Vinay also made his acting debut with the short film. "The same thing is devil for someone and God for someone else. People have created this divide as per their convenience. When we look at these issues from a perspective, we forget applying our own mind. We don't question it, because at a very tender age when our parents or adults teach us something, we start believing that as correct and never question it. Especially in case of religion, we are taught that it is sacrosanct and one should never question it. But why don't we question it even after growing up? Because by the time we grow up, we develop a defined judgemental perspective towards religions, which we don't belong to," he added.

The seven-minutes film portrays the harsh reality that underlines the ongoing conflict between the Hindu and Muslim communities in India. The filmmaker is hopeful that change will come someday, but for that we need to spread awareness from today. 

"Of course, it will take time, it cannot happen by pressing a button, but the change will eventually come if we start working towards it from today. I feel, education can help people question blind faith and superstitions. When you start asking questions, only then you will get the right perspective about something," he said. 

Kolkata-born filmmaker Vinay Jaiswal is a popular name in the world of TV commercials. His short film "Cheetiyaan" also features actor Akhlaque Khan and was released on August 15.

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Source: IANS