Who Will Get The Crown Jewel? 6 Potential Buyers For Blackberry

Private Equity:

Now these aren’t any speculations. BlackBerry recently had some discussions with private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, who currently is tangled in the Dell buyout saga, for a potential tie-up in enterprise computing.

“Silver Lake is caught in a bruising $25 billion battle to take Dell Inc private. Should it succeed in the Dell buyout, one possibility could be for it to collaborate with BlackBerry in mobile computing, where the PC maker has struggled to gain traction,” as reported by Reuters.


Next up on the list is the controversial Chinese telecom giant, Huawei. With an impressive list of sleek, functional and reasonably priced handsets, Huawei has proved that they are slowly gaining pace in the world of mobiles and the BlackBerry buyout may be just what the company wanted. Just think of a merger between BlackBerry’s security systems and Huawei’s hardcore network systems? Marvelous, right!

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