10 Most Common BYOD Worker Types

Bangalore: It’s a well-known fact- Smartphones, Phablets, tablets, notes; whatever you name it-the popularity of these devices has been huge such that, now, corporate are feeling the heat. Today every enterprise is being urged by its employees to undergo the gadget transition- formally called the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) revolution.  Yes, employees, board members and clients now prefer their own devices in workplaces to carry out their jobs. This means that individuals can use their own devices to access and store information (both corporate as well as personal) by maintaining privacy.

But this article is not for companies who haven’t implemented the policy yet, it’s for those who are already running on it. The BYOD workplace is diverse and pretty interesting, where you get to see different sets of personalities with Their Own Devices. So it’s time that we check out these BYOD worker types, seen common in a work place, as listed by CIO.com.

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