Microsoft's New CEO To Face Tougher Challenges

Bangalore: Over the years, the path that Microsoft trod in the technology space was never smooth. Even though they are popular for their operating systems and the number of users,  there are many crises that are yet to be addressed with responsibility. The news on the retirement of Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft, has brought in two main questions; who will be the next to lead and how will he handle the challenges?

The new CEO will have to be efficient enough to bring the company out from this tough state. The mobile revolution that has happened in the past couple of years has always been posing a great challenge to the tech monster.

Even though Smartphones and tablets were first introduced by Microsoft, later on they failed to market it among the public. However the warm welcome received for the Windows mobile operating system has helped them to progress inch by inch.

In this mobile era where people are looking more for portable mobile devices, the significance of desktop PC is gradually declining. The PC market has been a huge source of income for Microsoft until the Smartphones and tablets over turned the trend.

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