History of Linux: The Timeline

1993: The introduction of Debian Linux

The same year, another famous Linux distro, Debian Linux got its first official version released worldwide and it was an instant hit. Today, this OS acts as the source for MEPIS, Mint, Ubuntu, and many other popular Linux distros.

1994: Linux world gets a ‘RED HAT’

This year is regarded as one of the most important year in Linux history. In 1994, Marc Ewing creates the Red Hat Linux. Later on Bob Young buys Ewing’s company and merges it to form Red Hat. Today, Red Hat is considered as the most successful Linux Company.

1995: First Linux Expo

The first ever Linux Trade Expo. The expo was simply mesmerizing just because of the growth of the operating system.  Today, Linux foundation holds more than a dozen of regional and national expos only across U.S.

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