Prem Watsa, The Indian Behind BlackBerry's $4.7 Billion Buyout

Bangalore: Ever heard of Prem Watsa? ‘No’ must be the answer by millions, but this is a man that every single aspirant entrepreneur or a business rookie must idolize. So, who is Prem Watsa? Well, let’s spread the facts; he is called the “Canadian Warren Buffet”; he is an entrepreneur and an investor; he is the chairman and the CEO of Fairfax Financial Holdings, based in Toronto, Canada; also he was one among mobile giant Blackberry’s board of directors and on Monday, Blackberry has announced that it had signed a letter of intent to be acquired by Fairfax Financial Holdings in a $4.7 Billion deal- now that is an impressive build up! So without any further adieu, let’s know more about this Indian quintessential, who is on a hardcore mission to bring back Blackberry on track, while others only see a lost cause.

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