Akamai's NOCC To Monitor And Troubleshoot Client Servers

The main screen of the control provides real time statistics of Akamai’s web traffic. The traffic metrics updates automatically and provides a view of the internet traffic conditions on Akamai’s servers and customer websites. The cities where Akamai’s servers are located are represented by stars emitting rays and the long rays stands for more servers in that area and the dwarf ones for less concentration. On the basis of the fraction of capacity that is being used the rays are also provided with color codes; dark blue for cities that use too less band width, green for intermediate and yellow for peak usage. It also provides an option to zero in on any server hosted in the location, getting a detailed picture of the traffic that it puts out at any given point.

In addition to it, NOCC has various other monitors that give real time updates on where traffic moves the most and a breakdown of the volume of the contents that the users view, such as news sites, e-commerce sites and music sites. A graphical comparison on the time taken for the delivery of content on Akamai’s network versus the origin website and a graph on volume of attack traffic is also included in the dock.  

“We have more than 141,000 servers in over 1200 networks within 90 countries and our team works 24 hours and 7 days a week repairing the servers when it goes down following up on trouble tickets” said Sidharth. The company is moving fast ahead and the incorporation of the latest technology in its services will certainly identify the company with its caption ‘Faster Forward.’
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