Through the Years: 14 Products that Shaped Apple's Legacy

#1  APPLE 1

Time Span: 1976 – 1977

CPU class: MOS 6502

OS: System Monitor

Development status: Open

Platform size: 1

Also known as the ‘Original’ Apple Computer, the Apple 1 is the first personal computer by Apple Computer Company, released on April 11, 1976. It had a 4KB standard memory that can be expanded to 8KB or 48KB using expansion cards. The graphics compromised of 40x24 characters with hardware-implemented scrolling. The Apple 1 was Apple’s first product and it was designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak and the think tank behind selling the product was Steve Jobs. As of now, reports say that just below 50 Apple 1 computers exist, with at least 6 in working condition. Surely, a rare collector’s item.


Time Span: 1977 – 1993

CPU class: MOS 6502

OS: Apple DOS, Apple Pascal, ProDOS

Development status: Open

Platform size: 7

The follow-up of Apple I resulted in the world’s least expensive color computer system- Apple II. The system worked in the same 8-bit MOS 6502 CPU as its predecessor, but included seven expansion slots that increased the life of the system. Another discrepancy from its forerunner was that the system was incorporated with a case, a keyboard and a power supply.

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