Microsoft's Worst Automatic Windows Updates of 2012

Bangalore: Keeping your operating system updated is definitely a great thing to do. Of course, almost every operating system needs to be either patched or updated till you get a constant release. And when it comes to the Windows platform, it’s a definite yes.

But some people think advanced users should turn on Automatic updates so that their operating systems give the best performance. But when you go for out-of-the-box thought, it’s a clear-cut ‘no’. The reason behind this is upon the fact that some of the updates are just ‘out of the league’ and they need millions of patches before their constant release. And when it comes to Windows, it’s quite a common sight.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the real Microsoft Windows auto-update stinkers of 2012, as compiled by


Release date: April 10, 2012

Problem: Tax returns won’t print

It’s funny that this happened just before the tax day. Microsoft released a botched security patch (MS12-025/KB 2653638) on April 10th that kept many TurboTax users from printing their tax forms. Tax returns were due the following Monday, April 16. It took until April 13 for Microsoft to acknowledge the botched patch.

If you were really an advanced user, you would have found this patch on the Microsoft website from April 13. And if you are not, you would have simply banged on your computers looking at a ‘generating document’ message that ultimately will never print the paperwork.

The interesting fact is that Microsoft didn’t fix the botched patch until June 12.


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