India's Top 10 CRM Software Systems
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India's Top 10 CRM Software Systems

By SiliconIndia   |    14 Comments
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Bangalore: India today is on a path of intensification in terms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software market. Even at situations where businesses scramble here and there for customers and products, the importance of CRM cannot be overlooked.

Even with a massive CRM growth reported in Indian markets, research firms still are a bit skeptical in recording the number of CRM systems used across Indian enterprise arena. And only a very little coverage has been reported by analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester. Still, these research firms have confirmed that since 2000, the Indian CRM market has been reporting a double digit growth and will continue to grow in coming years.

With that in mind, it’s time that we take a look at top 10 CRM software systems in India.


#10 Cream CRM:

Cream CRM is a multilingual CRM suite designed mainly for media companies. The application offer and track services such as sales orders, payments, shipments, services, online and print subscriptions, and the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. The software also provides modules to its users so that customers can interact via newsletters, web interfaces and emails. The company is leaded by Media Development Loan Fund's Center for Advanced Media, headquartered in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Cream CRM runs on platforms such as FreeDSB, Linux and Windows.


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Reader's comments(14)
1: Does CRM software is compulsory, for maintaining CRM in a company?
Posted by:Bidyachandra - 16 Jan, 2016
2: Kreato CRM - Made in India & Made for India. An innovative, inexpensive and complete CRM for small and medium businesses in India.
Posted by:Shaki - 10 Jan, 2015
3: very nice, really helpful knowledge.
Posted by:lisa - 28 Oct, 2014
4: Whereas the top 10 CRM Softwares may be very popular in the foreign markets, the Indian market is very different from them.
CRM Softwares like MeraCRM are designed according to the Indian businesses.
I have been using it for 6 months and i am very happy with it.
MeraCRM is the best CRM for Indians.
Posted by:tahir marfani - 02 Jul, 2014
5: You have mentioned SAP CRM and Sales force as india's top 10 CRM, whereas i dont think they are designed for indian markets. You should give a try to Amazing H-Office, whoes SFA & CRM is based completely on indian markets.
Posted by:Samir - 30 Mar, 2014
6: Where are the CRM Software products developed from India ?
Posted by:Sabyasachi Gupta - 30 Dec, 2013
Salesbabu CRM - HeadQuartered in Bangalore, with a branch office in Delhi, PAN Operations is the IT solutions (CRM, ERP, Service...) Product Development Co., in INDIA in Saas services
Sobha Replied to: Sabyasachi Gupta - 16 Feb, 2014
karthik Replied to: Sobha - 22 Aug, 2017
MeraCRM developed in Surat,Gujarat and operating since 2011
husain parvez Replied to: Sobha - 02 Jul, 2014
10: You mean to say that Indian IT can't even produce a CRM product that can replace foreign makes. Unbelievable!
Posted by:ROBINSON - 08 Oct, 2013
11: why the marketing gimmic with the title "India's Top CRM system". Stupid and misleading. I was hopingto see more open source initiatives started by Indian entrepreneurs. Waste of time.
Posted by:Harsh - 20 Jan, 2013
try looking into MeraCRM

i too was hoping to see it in the 10 ten crms
tahir marfani Replied to: Harsh - 02 Jul, 2014
Guys you gotta check Czentrix platform. Its amazing and its opensource!!
Suresh Replied to: Harsh - 06 Feb, 2013
14: good article...!!!!well sorted list...
Posted by:Fallen - 16 Jan, 2013