India One of the Riskiest Countries to Open Data Centers: Study

Bangalore: A new study has ranked three nations- Indonesia, India and Brazil as the riskiest nations to open a data center.

The research by Cushman and Wakefield, Hurleypalmerflatt and Source8 studied the potential risks and threats, basically related to physical, economic and social issues in various countries around the world.

Enterprise Innovation stated that the factors included weighted ranking of energy, bandwidth, ease of doing business, political stability, tax laws, labor laws, sustainability, risk of natural disasters, energy security, GDP per capita, inflation and water resource.

According to the study, U.S. is the least risky place followed by U.K and Sweden in second and third positions respectively in a list of 30 countries.

The study exposed that Asia is battling with issues which stands as a barrier against establishing data centers. Some of the prime issues, despite Asia’s growing economies are poor connectivity, government rules and supply chain problems.

Apart from the issues, the study also revealed that the demand for data centers in China for global operational efficiency has risen with respect to the growing presence of foreign companies in the country.

As per the listings, Hong Kong at number and 6 and Qatar at number 10 where the two countries in top 10 that posed lowest risk to open a data center.

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