IT Lifecycle Management Becoming Complex For CIOs: Cisco

Mumbai: IT lifecycle management is becoming more complex for Chief Information Officers (CIO) as the influence of other lines of business (LoB) like HR and marketing, is on the rise, Cisco said.

According to a Cisco survey, over 90% of the respondents said the influence of LoBs will extend across all IT lifecycle stages and create unprecedented complexity for organisations as they grapple with security and technical support.

"As cloud adoption becomes more mainstream, a number of cloud adoption decisions are being initiated by business heads. IT departments need to increasingly re-model the way in which they partner with business," Cisco consulting services director (cloud computing) APJC Neeraj Arora told reporters in a tele-briefing.

This will involve acting as a broker or intermediary of cloud services orchestrating the planning and procurement process for LoBs across internal and external clouds, he added.

However, the report said respondents in emerging markets like India, China and Brazil believe IT will maintain a centralized and well-funded role, managing cloud solutions with consistent policy and security solutions.

The report surveyed 4,226 IT leaders in 18 industries across nine countries, including India (600 respondents).

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Source: PTI