Growing Data Traffic A Challenge To Indian Telecom Sector

NOIDA: There is a significant potential for data usage industry in India as penetration is lower at 11-12 per cent compared to other Asian countries, industry officials said.

Countries like South Korea and Japan have data usage penetration levels at upto 50 per cent, said Rajan S. Mathews, Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India.

"The urban areas of India are highly penetrated but rural areas are just 39 per cent penetrated," Mathews added, while speaking at a seminar on the theme "Heterogeneous Networks In Mobile Revolution" held at Amity University Campus here today.

Jagbir Singh, Director-Networks, Bharti Airtel, India & South Asia said, "In US, one can have unlimited voice without any charge. AT&T in US has six carriers of 3G with 30 Mhz of 2G and 60 Mhz of 4G whereas India has only one carrier of 3G with an average of 8 Mhz of 2G."

"India has a huge challenge to support the data growth generated by ever increasing devices of customers and Hetnet seems to be the answer at present. India is witnessing a good growth in the field of TDLT (to destinations light-tree) 4 G and Wi-fi," he added.

Source: PTI