Top 10 Indian Telecom Companies

Bangalore: The Indian telecom sector is the third largest telecommunication network in the world and ranks second in Asia. It has been one of the fastest growing sectors in Indian economy earning its position of being a major contributor in India’s economic growth.

So, in order to celebrate the boom in the Indian telecom sector, here is a list of 10  major Indian telecom companies in the market compiled by that have helped the telecom sector in achieving its current stature. Have a look:

10. MTNL
Publically-held by Government of India
Date of Establishment: 1st April 1986
Market Share: 0.6 percent

Brief Description: MTNL or Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited is a publically-held telecom service provider which operates only in metro cities; Mumbai and Delhi and the island nation of Mauritius (Africa). Before the liberalization of the Indian economy, MTNL held a monopoly in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai which it lost after the market was opened for other service providers. The Indian government currently holds a 56.25 percent stake in the company that has a motto “Transparency Makes Us Different”. Though, MTNL’s inability to stand the stiff competition it faced from other major telecom providers later has reduced its market share to minimal decimals.


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