Facebook Loses Ad Leader Gokul Rajaram To Square

Bangalore: Square has poached one of Facebook’s most precious gems, Ad guru Gokul Rajaram, to lead company’s product engineering and software development processes.

Rajaram who previously worked as Facebook’s director of ad products, will now oversee the software development for Square’s point of sale system the Square Register,  a service designed for small and medium businesses to use from tablets and Smartphones.

“I’ve been fortunate to work for two mission-driven, world-changing companies, and Square’s vision and passion for helping businesses grow is inspiring,” said Rajaram, as cited in TechCrunch.

At Facebook, Rajaram was one of the think-tanks behind Facebooks’ gold rush over the past year or two. Facebook under Rajaram charged throughout the ad sector by developing products and overseeing projects, such as the integration of Atlas Solutions, a service acquired from Microsoft.

Rajaram joined Facebook back in August 2010 as the social giant acquired his startup, Chai Labs. Prior to this he was one of the key developers in Google’s ever-popular AdSense network.

Now for Square, this is a true win for the company who was choking earlier with recent losses of executives like COO Keith Rabois and other senior people like Jared Fliesler to the open world of venture capitalism. Since then, the company picked up some real winners like Francoise Brougher from Google as Business Lead and former U.S. trade representative Demetrios J. Marantis as head of international government, regulatory and policy work.

Onto Facebook, this isn’t the first time that they are losing a core Ads team member as Antonio Garcia-Martinez, the product director of Facebook’s retargeted ads program FBX, left in April and has earlier announced his new company as Facebook adtech partner, Nanigans.

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