8 Best IT Resolutions for 2013

Bangalore: On a starting note here’s a serious question for all the IT executives around the world- how was the year 2012? Was it shaky or were you stiff and sturdy enough to achieve your goals? If your answer is the latter one, then a hearty congratulations. But if you are about to say that you are still on the time track to achieve your goals, then this is the best time of the year to set some strong new year resolutions. So what are you waiting for, you have been credited with 365 days and what we need is some strong determined planning from IT executives who realizes that these are the best IT resolutions for 2013, as compiled by CIO.com.


It’s time that we embrace BYOD:

Yes, this is the year we start recognizing the trend BYOD. Keeping aside all the misconceptions and misinterpretations, IT executives must seriously look into an environment where employees are asked to bring their own mobile devices to work. A recent Gartner survey has revealed that over 70 percent of IT organizations are now supporting BYOD or will support in coming 12 months.

"Of the 70 pct of organizations that want to do BYOD, at least half are not ready," says Dionisio Zumerle, a principal research analyst at Gartner. "You need to change the way you think about security and the way you enable security in the organization. You can't just say to the users 'Please behave' and hope for the best."

According to Zumerle, the best way to secure corporate data is by deploying Mobile Device Management software (MDM) or by using Dual-Persona software. This will help organizations in enforcing passwords and in locking devices safely away from intruders from modifying sensitive data.


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