7 Most Successful Enterprises By IIT Graduates

Bangalore: IITians are renowned all over the world for their brilliant technical minds and exceptional skills which remain incompatible with their global counterparts. Besides these skills, trying their hand at entrepreneurship and succeeding makes them excel in almost every field. From online mobile recharging ventures to teaching sports and bringing foreign degrees to India, many IITians today have tasted success through their well-built enterprises.

Read on to know the seven successful IIT graduates and their ventures that rake in big bucks, as reported by Economic times. 

#7 Giveter.com

The duo, Avinash Saxena and Mayank Bhangadia have thus proved that men aren’t bad in coming up with gifting ideas. The two Delhi alumni aimed at helping people in choosing on the perfect gift, no matter what the occasion and the age of recipient and thus conceived the idea in January 2012.

As you visit the site, you get to select the details from the available dropboxes for the age and relationship with the person, the occasion and then search and thus you will be bombarded with suggestions. The venture is on the verge of success especially in social media with 10 employees generating a daily revenue of 1 lakh.

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