10 Smart Upgrades for SMBs to Run Faster

Bangalore: We know that the world is running in an unassailable pace. And moreover if you own or run a SMB, you know that things work faster than they happen in the corporate world. To cope up with the pace, you must ensure that your technology is up to date and your employees are handling these technologies.

So what are you waiting for, with a little bit of extra innovations and extra funds, it’s great to run your company smoother than never before. So take a look at these 10 tech upgrades highly recommended for SMBs, as compiled by CIO.com.

Switch to 802.11n Wi-Fi:

Still running on a 802.11b or 802.11g Wi-Fi network in the office, then it’s time to think big. Switching onto a better and faster network like an 802.11n can not only amplify the experience but also can increase the productivity. Another advantage in upgrading to 802.11n Wi-Fi is that it can handle greater number of wireless devices, as these networks take less time to complete data transfers.

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