8 Reasons that Emphasize 'The Apple Revenue Fall'

Bangalore: Apple products are admired for their sheer designs. By design it means everything- from eye grabbing exteriors to plush formal internal hardware, Apple is the best company in the world. Or is it?

Off late, Apple lost its top position as world’s most valuable company following slide down in its share value, reports CNet. These reports has raised some stiff eyebrows across the globe, as over the past six months Apple’s share value has been going down and down by $136.24 or 23.7 percent and since from the beginning of 2013, shares went further down by $17.56. These alarming facts have raised concerns across all Apple investors who are also worried over the company losing ground too fast to its rivals like Samsung and others.

Even couple of weeks before, Apple’s share value was down by more than $11 to around $439, which in turn pulled down the company’s capitalization below $412 billion.

So what might be going wrong here? Maybe these 8 good reasons might emphasize why Apple’s share are falling.

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