Akkaraju's Exo Imaging Collects $35 Million in Series B Financing

Akkaraju's Exo Imaging Collects $35 Million in Series B Financing

This funding will help the company to empower the healthcare industry by providing best medical imaging tools.

FREMONT, CA: Exo Imaging, Inc., the transformer of medical imaging across the globe and a company of a high-performance ultrasound platform for imaging and therapeutic applications, has announced the completion of its 35 Million USD Series B financing round. Intel Capital led the Series B.

Investors like Applied Ventures, Creative Ventures, Longevity Vision Fund, Nautilus Venture Partners, Magnetar Capital, Bold Capital, OSF Healthcare, Rising Tide Fund, Sony Innovation Fund, and Wanxiang Healthcare Investments led the investment.

Exo Imaging empowers healthcare professionals to make critical, real-time decisions to improve patient outcomes. Exo is facing several challenges, ranging from fundamental material science to Artificial intelligence. The company deals with both the low-cost handheld imaging to the highest-end equipment. Collaborating with investors will help the company to bring medical imaging and AI to a much broader audience.

The founders of the company are Sandeep Akkaraju, chief executive officer; Yusuf Haque, chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering; Janusz Bryzek, chairman and chief visionary officer; and John Kokulis, chief financial officer. These people own nearly 20 startups, along with several large exits.

Sandeep Akkaraju, CEO and president at Exo, expressed that the team of Exo wants to change the economics, usability, and accessibility of high-quality medical imaging and therapeutic tools.

Medical imaging products have been expensive, and inconvenient to use and have served to a small segment of users. Exo wants to enable every medical practitioner in the world with affordable and tools that will make imaging easily accessible. The Series B funding will help the firm to advance the products into commercialization.

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