The World's Most Richest Countries


Luxembourg is an interior country in Western Europe and one of the major economical forces in European countries, with huge opportunities. Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world, recognized by World Bank. Furthermore, the country is home to a high standard of living and work environment.

Most of the country’s income comes from the sale of iron, steel products, and also provides international banking services to people all over the world. It has an estimated gross domestic product of $60.54 billion.


Norway is a Scandinavian unitary constitutional monarchy. The country is richly endowed with natural resources, including petroleum, hydropower, fish, forests, and minerals. Large reserves of petroleum and natural gas were discovered in the 1960s which led to a boom in the economy and large accumulated wealth.

Norway is expected to continue as among the richest countries in the world, in the near future. It has obtained one of the highest standards of living in the world with an estimated gross domestic product of $515.8 billion.


Switzerland is an interior country, geographically divided between the Alps, the Swiss Plateau, and the Jura. It is one of the richest nations in the European continent with abundant resources and diverse economy, having an estimated gross domestic product of $646.2 billion.

Switzerland is a serene and cleanest country in the world with outstanding banks and exporting. Its important economic sector is manufacturing which consists largely of the production of specialist chemicals, pharmaceutical goods, and musical instruments.  

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