Labelling Indian Companies As Cheap Creates Negative Branding'

KOLKATA: A German expert Friday said the practice of Indian companies marketing themselves as "low-cost" creates negative branding for the country and should be done away with as the nation is not viewed as such by investors.

Andreas Waldraff, chairman of UBF.B GmbH, a global management consultancy firm with a focus on Indo-German business ties, said his country was ready to extend help to West Bengal in launching high-end vocational training programmes that could boost investments.

"Being cheap is misleading, and often creates negative branding. Moreover, when you take everything into account, India is hardly seen as a low-cost country after all," Waldraff said at the Manufacturing Conclave organised by CII Eastern here.

He suggested domestic companies should collaborate to initiate vocational training programmes that could address the gap of skilled manpower in the manufacturing sector and thereby attract investments.

In addition, he iterated the state must focus on quality and research and development capability.

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Source: IANS