Here's What Teens Buy The Most

BANGALORE: Today young people spend their money lavishly on the products or stuffs, either because they love it or  just under peer pressure. No matter how much money young people have, they often use that money on shopping. This is very normal thing today because living a young life is very expensive.
So, check out the things teenagers lavishly spend their money on, as compiled by Rob Cote for the Richest.

Video Games:

Over 2.5 billion video games have been sold worldwide and the industry is still growing rapidly. In fact, video game sales now surpass sales of both music and movies.

For millions of kids and young adults, playing video games has become an obsession and as it is one of the most purchased things by the teens.

Most of the teenagers revealed that they love playing video games as it provides a challenge and great way to kill their time. They also offer mental and visual stimuli that can cause the “gamer” to forget where they are.

When it comes to video games, as teens love both traditional gaming systems and cheaper mobile entertainment, they are the primary target and a huge market for gaming companies.

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