7 Revolutionary Brand Mascot Ideas That Created History

fdfsdgfBoomer Man

Boomer Man was the hero of all kids and the ad was having a fancy super hero story. The ‘boom boom boomer’ tagline was also well known. The Mascot was an animated super hero which appears from the chewing gum.

The mascot appears in the same color as the chewing gum and the spatiality of boomer is said to be a bubble gum which swells like no other. With the competitors like Center fresh and Big Babol coming in to the market Boomer lost its brand value over the years. 

srtdryeNirma Girl

A little girl in a frilly white frock who dances in the tune of fancy jingle, Nirma has given the advertisement industry enough to remember 40 years ago. The Nirma girl from TV and print ads went viral and helped the Gujarat based detergent brand in positioning them in the market. The ‘washing powder Nirma’ jingle still remains as one of the best jingles Indian advertisers have ever produced. All though the girl has vanished from the ads the jingle remains the same.

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