7 Revolutionary Brand Mascot Ideas That Created History

BANGALORE: Advertisements are an important part of any business and through the various mediums of communication, over the years we have seen thousands of ads. Some advertisements are connected with our emotions and some are entertaining, but we usually ignore those which do not make sense. Creative Bloq has come up with a list of iconic brand mascots which has a special spot in our hearts. Let’s take a look at them and feel nostalgic.


Advertisement characters created for promoting Vodafone India are called as Zoozoo. The ad was created by Ogilvy and Mather agency in 2009 during Indian Premier League. Zoozoos looks animated but in real they are humans who have put on the costume, which looks like ballooned bodies, egg heads and thin legs. These characters promote different value added services in Vodafone India. The concept and stories are conceived by Rajiv Rao. These ads are a huge hit in Indian society and went viral in social networking sites when it released.

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