7 Books From The Successful CEOs In The World

BANGALORE: Books are considered to be your best friends. From baby-sitting to love stories and from recipe books to life, they cover all in their content. Books have a lot to offer if one is ready to take it.

What’s your take on business books? Do you find the terms such as “take risks,” “b-plan,” or “strategies” boring enough to read?

If, yes! Here is a list of 7 books that reads-out the success stories of 10 people who run one of the best business empires in the world as compiled by the Business Insider.

(#)  Business @ the Speed of Thought, Bill Gates and Collins Hemingway

Business @ the Speed of Thought is a book written by Bill Gates and Collins Hemingway in 1999. It discusses how business and technology are integrated, and shows how digital infrastructures and information networks can help someone get an edge on the competition.

Gates has shared his experience in the course of years and he demonstrates that the concept of the digital nervous system which unites all systems and processes under one common infrastructure, allowing companies to make quantum leaps in efficiency, growth and profit.

Gates demonstrates how integrated technology can transform any business by energizing its three major elements: customer/partner relationships, employees and process.

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