The 10 Most World-Changing Ads

BANGALORE: Advertisements are not a modern phenomenon but a way of communication dating back to the imperial ages. Kings and emperors used advertisements to speak to their people, slaves were sold through ads, and deadly games gladiators back in Rome, Italy was advertised by Caesar.  So with advertisements dating back to the early A.D, the only question is how did it rise to fair as a business booster for firms and companies today?

Advertisement is a huge grossing industry today because of a revolution that the industry witnessed in the early 1900’s. Today, advertisement is part of our lives and shapes our thinking, buying and living habits. It influences the way we talk, interact, present and hugely with the way we dress. Now Ads have various forms, purpose and categories but at the end of the day all of them are communicating and persuading the public on a product or item it represents. So here are some of the ads that changed the world compiled by Business Insider.

1900 Sunkist: In 1704 America had seen the first newspaper Ad of someone trying to sell a house.

But fast forwarding to 1900’s when Ads actually changed the way people think to bring about a whole revolution for businesses and the people alike. In California, Orange growers faced a huge problem not with the harvest but with excess amounts of orange that were stored cause people had bought enough that they didn’t want to buy anymore.

Therefore, the Orange Growers California Exchange approached Albert Lasker, of the Lord & Thomas advertising agency, to find a solution for this problem. So he rebranded them under one name ‘Sunkist’ and also told them to convert the excess orange into juice, thus bringing out the concept of orange juice. His idea changed the orange industry and also brought a huge revolution in American Breakfasts as Orange Juice is an integral part of their morning meal.

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