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Read distinctive story of Indian professionals who are well achieved or succeeding in career. My Story may grand a clear direction to sketch your career in right way for future or an inspiration to share your successful story with our network members and other visitors. This would provide a comprehensive narration of authors backgrounds, growth story, advices or suggestions, achievements and many more.
Animesh Bisaria
Vice President & Head, Sales and Consulting Services, Integra Micro Software Services
Animesh has over 27 years of work experience in the IT Industry with proven abilities in software developme... more>>
Arun  Kumar
I started my MBBS in the year 2006, and apart from being a doctor, I have 12 independent skills which suppo... more>>
Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek has been involved in handling very complex Android Projects. He has more ... more>>
Pradeep Kar
A visionary and industry pioneer, Pradeep leveraged the power of networking & e-bu... more>>
Rajan  Dutta
Rajan Dutta is a Management Graduate from Chandigarh, a Post Graduate Diploma in H... more>>
John Brand
John serves CIOs with research that focuses on the enterprise adoption of new software and Internet technologies, particularly in the Australian and New Zealand m... more>>
Rohit Ghatol
Director of Engineering - New Technologies, Synerzip
Rohit has over a decade of experience in the industry. At present he is the Director of Engineeri... more>>
Bindu S Rathore
CEO WebTotal Marketing, WebTotal Services Pvt Ltd
The journey has been truly wonderful with rewarding experiences and learning at each stage, I lea... more>>
Keerthi Kulkarni
Head - Software Quality Assurance, Roamware
Keerthi is the Head of Software Quality Assurance at Roamware. He is having more than 14 years of... more>>
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