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Read distinctive story of Indian professionals who are well achieved or succeeding in career. My Story may grand a clear direction to sketch your career in right way for future or an inspiration to share your successful story with our network members and other visitors. This would provide a comprehensive narration of authors backgrounds, growth story, advices or suggestions, achievements and many more.
Manoj Verma
CTO, TechAhead
Manoj has developed more than 200 Apps for Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices. A technocrat with over 13... more>>
Ramesh Baswa
CEO, Sollet Soft Solutions
Ramesh Baswa has founded Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd(Sollet) along with his colleagues Ratna, Rama Krishn... more>>
Chandran  K. V
Mr. K.V Chandran is the GM-HR of Coast Liners Private Limited.Mr. Chnadran is an H... more>>
Deblena Majumdar
Working with global Financial Services. more>>
Manav Kamboj
Manav is the Co - Founder of LetsGoMo Labs. He is having 14 years of experience. H... more>>
Raghottama  Koppar
I think apart from certifications, a strong background both theoretically and practically is important. But the required certificate in marketing is pleasing pers... more>>
Karthik Krishnaraj
Co-founder & Director, Arkenea Technologies
Karthi is a marketing professional with over 16 years of experience in the area of customer acqui... more>>
Dr. Sriharsha A Achar
Chief People Officer, Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company
He brings in experience that spans over a period of 23 years. His vast experience covers several ... more>>
Pankaj Dinodia
CEO, Dinodia Capital Advisors, Delhi
I founded Dinodia Capital Advisors in 2011, as an off-shoot of the parent Accounting, Tax and Aud... more>>
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