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Vajrasoft Presenting a One-Stop-Shop for all the IP Solutions
Arun Kant
Monday, September 1, 2014
Today industries are subjected to unprecedented competition in the market. To thrive in this crowded landscape, companies and business leaders are searching for the adequate solutions, which can provide them a clear visibility of the dynamics of their services. Whether it is to know about the competitor's profile, productive areas to invest, streamlining the intellectual property or finding a right partner to merge with, all encompassing solution to facilitate ascendency is what is becoming a primary need of the enterprises. Chief Legal Officers and Intellectual Property (IP) Executives are also encountering apprehension in global Patent portfolio, tracking IP filing costs, patent prosecution management, patents monitoring, IP budget and forecasting, IP License management, Royalties Management and plugging in IP License Revenue leakages on an end-to-end basis.

VajraSoft Inc, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Dublin, California, anticipated this void and thus has brought one-stop-shop eminent tools in the premise, which has already started to become a primary choice of corporate leaders looking for managing their portfolios. The company is a Master Class IP Solution provider, representing products that have garnered various accolades across the world such as UP Start Awards for Best Industry Application, Ti50 2014 winner, Best BI-Analytics Application for 2013, and also Finalist of StartmeupHK Venture Program, conducted by the Govt. of Hong Kong. The main architect behind the eminent calibre of this IP management software company is Kameshwar Eranki, CEO of VajraSoft Inc., a recognized leader in Cloud Computing and a global IP expert.

Delivering a Game Changing Analytics
With the help of Big-Data and analytics, VajraSoft is delivering Pintels - a game changing Intelligence Analytics on demand service to its clients from Biotech, Pharma and Medical device industry. This analytical approach acknowledges information regarding client's new products such as its performance in the market, lingering competition in the path, product intelligence, regulatory compliances, quality, and safety. Entire life cycle of the product is encircled and added to the portfolio through string of aforementioned patent, product, market, product's safety and competitive intelligence. The company is in congruent with other verticals as well. "We are catering Semiconductor, and Green technology firms too which are spanning across geographies of USA, Europe, Brazil, China, and Korea. In imminent future we will also cover manufacturing industry", mentioned Kameshwar.
Since its establishment, the ace IP management software company is aiding its customers in managing innovation and monetizing IP's and empowering businesses and law firms to automate the patent filing cost estimation process of creating cost estimation quotes for filing a patent in any country globally. Invention Disclosures Management, Drafting Patent Applications, filing, managing patent prosecution lifecycle and patent maintenance, to name a few, are also the additional features of the IP services. VajraSoft intends to keep growing in impending time frame as well, disrupting the landscape with its superlative tools and products.

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