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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Outsourced Product Development
V2 Solutions Delivering Optimum Satisfaction through Product Development
si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
For the third year running, Silicon Valley-based V2Solutions has made it to our Si100 list. We take a closer look at how V2Solutions has established its name by bringing innovative software products to market in less time and cost, by its Founder CEO Vijay Shah.

On one hand, we have the highly research intensive achievements undertaken by corporate biggies and on the other, we have the innovation and distinctive approach of a young firm bringing real difference in software development arena. The impact created by either cannot be ignored. This is not necessarily about creating globally renowned products but about amalgamating innovative ideas into simple and effective software products. Not surprisingly, there was the draught of these young players. Players whose product development methodology coupled with their state of innovating would bring in a sense of ease for the buyers, who look out for a vendor that value their needs not as a hard core seller rather as a partner. Shah realized the gap and with his prior entrepreneurial expertise delved into the Outsourced product development sphere with his V2Solutions team.

Maintaining versions, supporting feature requests, keeping up with technology and upfront investments as a bet of strength of idea and implementation, always makes software product development exciting but a challenging line of business. “We understood the importance of time-to-market, a need to introduce new products in untapped markets and innovate to improve. This helped us to be amongst the first to move to identify and leverage the market need for Product Engineering Services opportunity,” Shah said. Founded in 2003, V2Solutions’ strength lies in customer satisfaction as its entire line of businesses have moved forward through customer references. The expertise of a 450 member team has enabled the company to offer services across Application development, Cloud offerings, Mobile Application development and Digital Content.

Organizations across the globe are still struggling to decide and inculcate the habit of developing innovative ideas into products / solutions. V2Solutions unleashes this hidden potential of technology modernization and leverages the customer needs to consider outsourcing more critical and complex business processes to its benefit.
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