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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Growing options in the job market and a booming economy have resulted in more and more people with stable jobs looking for options outside their organization, according to an online poll conducted by Monster India, part of a global online career and recruitment site - Monster.

51 percent of the survey respondents claim they are looking for newer career options, while still continuing in their current jobs. While 27 percent of the qualified professionals were looking for their first career break, 14 percent chose to remain unemployed and not settle for anything less, says the Internet poll.

The Monster Meter Survey is an ongoing series of online polls that gauge user opinion on a variety of topics relating to careers and the workplace. The results were based on over 20,133 votes cast by users between September 19 and October 5, 2005, on the Monsterindia.com Website counting only one vote per user for the final tabulation. “Members of the workforce today command more bargaining power than ever before and the market dynamics are there to support them,” says Dhruv Shenoy, Monster Asia vice president – marketing, terming it as a clear case of supply and demand in the job market.

He said, “While a significant proportion of the employed population are on the lookout for newer avenues there still is a large section of jobseekers who are unemployed. Which begs the question—is the booming economy making a significant dent on the number of unemployed?”
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