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September - 2014 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Ambarish Gupta
Founder & CEO- Knowlarity
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Founded in 2009, Knowlarity Communications is a cloud based telephony service that provides voice applications to small and medium enterprises. The firm received a funding of $22.5 million from mayfield fund, Sequoia Captial, Emergic Venture Capital, Progressive Investment Capital

In the present industrial era led by technology, there are various resilient trends routing, which are changing the framework of traditional way of doing business. Virtualization, IVR self-service and mobility are the latest trends of today which are disrupting the telecom segment. We are also witnessing the replacement of legacy PBX systems with virtual PBX systems as CAPEX spending on the former is truncating.
The need for faster customer service is becoming a priority for many companies and customers. Customers want their simple issues related to billing and payments to be rectified swiftly and efficiently. Mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are also capturing everyone's attention as they promise to streamline the workforce and business productivity in the imminent years.

Mobility in the limelight

As said, mobility is garnering a lot of limelight amidst business leaders and customers. Smartphones are being sold at an unprecedented speed, more than desktop and laptops. It is a big opportunity for cloud telephony companies as mobility delivers an eminent platform to market cloud telephony business productivity applications. In the impending future we can witness mobile phones empowered with the mini call center which will take dynamics of services to a whole new level.

The biggest challenge entrepreneurs are subjected to today is internationalization. The maze of international laws and regulations has become difficult to negotiate without the involvement of expert legal assistance. Also domestic telecom rules and regulations have not been able to keep-up pace with the stalling growth in this sector. International expansion is a challenging task in the hands of the entrepreneurial leaders and to successfully deploy this, they have to identify and hire adequate talent that understands the current landscape and changing nature of doing business. (As told to Arun Kant)

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