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February - 2011 - issue > CEO Spotlight
The Telecom Market is Abuzz!
Sudeesh Yezhuvath
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
We see bandwidth hungry access devices becoming more prevalent – be it tablets or smartphones. This is forcing telcos to think of how they manage the bandwidth in the mobile world and so hence we increased investments in mobile backhaul, policy management etc. However, monetizing this traffic remains a significant challenge and there will be increased need for solutions in the space of Customer Experience Management, Margin Driven Management , and more.

Telcos are headed towards a two-sided business model if they do not want to be commoditized. There will be a part of the telecom business which will be about providing infrastructure at the lowest cost and there will be another part which will be about providing on-demand, personalized services to subscribers. Some telcos will be able to do both while some will remain focused on one or the other. In either case, significant improvement in efficiency will be called for and that means a sea change in the management style of telcos. We see an increased drive towards actionable intelligence as that is what telcos need to really scale up efficiency.

This is a time of great opportunity for entrepreneurs. The market is going through a lot of change on the business model and the services it provides. The ubiquitous nature of Internet and the availability of several platforms – be it the application development platforms or PaaS – have really lowered the entry barriers. Challenges that entrepreneurs will face will be the other side of the coin here – to be able to think globally and be also prepared for competition from unexpected quarters or unexpected moves of competition. Business agility will be a critical need.

The Author is the Chief Operating Officer & Wholetime Director of Subex

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