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TeamF1 Redefining Network Security
si Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
Founded in 1998 by two college friends, Mukesh Lulla and Vinai Kolli, TeamF1, headquartered in Fremont, California, is a preeminent supplier of OEM-ready software to the embedded systems market. Understanding the importance of innovative product technologies, and how efficient project management techniques, well-honed software engineering processes and a robust "production-quality" test environment contribute to the making of user-friendly and solid customer products, the company develops software modules and turnkey solutions to secure connected devices used across different market verticals.“Our software today is an integral part of the networking devices developed by most Tier-1 networking equipment providers," says Vinai Kolli, Co-Founder and Vice-President, TeamF1.

The uniqueness of these devices is that they can work stand-alone or can be combined together thus allowing key current requirements to be fulfilled with future end-customer requirements. One of the main products is the SecureF1rst Turnkey which offers Security Gateway Solutions, Managed Access Point Solutions, CPE Gateway and Network Attached Storage Solutions to its client base.

TeamF1 provides security technologies for wireless, remote management, storage, and mobile applications. These include network security protocols such as IKEv2, SSH, SSL, authentication mechanisms such as X.509 digital certificates, RADIUS, perimeter security technologies such as packet-filtering and stateful inspection firewalls, and network address translation (NAT).

With wireless LAN technology proliferating in various embedded application domains, the organization provides wireless networking software exclusively for embedded use and designed with security in mind including complete security access point software for Wi-Fi use and secure supplicant (client) software supporting personal and enterprise security modes.

Today, TeamF1 is 150 people strong with offices in both U.S. and India. With its expanding technology portfolio and using its proven engineering processes, TeamF1's vision is to foster embedded innovations by enabling a new generation of secure, high-quality networking products with the shortest time-to-market.

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