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Synapse Design Low Power, High Performance SOC and ASIC Design
SI Team
Friday, April 1, 2016
Market pressures remain high, with design cycles getting shorter and market-driven product requirements increasing. As investment budgets of companies are smaller, the number of design teams internally has shrunk and yet need to produce more product revenue. Designing and building their own System on Chips (SOC) and Application Specific Integrated Chips(ASIC) is a huge financial barrier. Today, most companies prefer an outsourcing design company to assist them to deliver their products in time to the market in a cost-effective manner. Santa Clara-based Synapse Design, an SOC and ASIC design services company, offers design consulting and services in digital, analog or mixed-signal design and software development. Founded in2003 and headquartered in the Silicon Valley, the company maintains global reach to high-technology centers of the world, serving customers from offices in the U.S., Europe, China, India and Taiwan.

Since 2003, Synapse Design has been providing scalable, reusable, and reliable system architectures offering its designing and engineering services to most of the top tier semiconductor and system companies around the world. The firm helps their customers meet their technical and resource challenges in building the next generation products-mobile devices, complex routers/switches, consumer products, storage, microprocessor, and graphics processors. "Our customers look to us to partner in their product success not only on current projects, but also on derivative and next-generation products," says, Satish Bagalkotkar, Co-founder, CEO and President, Synapse Design.

With greater device integration, system designs become more complex and are increasingly challenging to design. Synapse Design build's the most complex SOC's and develops cutting-edge technologies that are key to the industry. The firm has more than 700 engineers solving SOC and ASIC challenges, including analog mixed-signal content, advanced process nodes including FinFET, hardening ARM cores for Power-Performance-Area (PPA) advantage and creating embedded software, including domain-specific software. The company's commitment to create advanced, proven embedded software supporting the development of complex SOCs and ASICs helps companies to deliver their products faster.

Having a considerable experience with mixed mode simulation methodologies, the company emphasizes on both digital and mixed signal designs. Well-versed in the latest design domains, protocols and multi-core embedded systems, the firm's team works with the latest tools, techniques and process technologies to build the most challenging analog or AMS designs. Recently, the firm assisted one of their clients with an advanced verification methodology that many tier-1 semiconductor companies need today. The Synapse Design team built complex verification environments from scratch; designed self-checking assertion checks and created randomization test cases for the company. From IP design to chip/system level implementation and testing, the firm supported SOC design from architecture specifications to tape out, creating the required verification environment desired by the client.

The engagement models by the company are equally diverse and facilitate services from architecture to product specification development. With seven design centers across the globe, customers have access to best location and expert resources. Synapse Design has domain expertise to enable companies develop solutions for a vast array of industry sectors such as, storage, wireless or mobile, networking, multimedia, power management, ARM excellence, security, cloud computing and Internet of Things. Through its people, products, technologies and services, Synapse Design is delivering engineering excellence through a flexible business model enabling next generation products for its customers.
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