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Friday, November 1, 2013
The Indian entrepreneurial and technocrat community residing in the U.S. is ending 2013 on a high note. With markets having recovered and disruptive technologies such as cloud, big data, analytics, mobile becoming mainstream, a new wave of innovative companies have emerged in the market and are winning over the CIOs. Indian techies who were earlier known best for providing IT Services are now the toast of Silicon Valley for having built several path breaking product companies that aim at solving critical enterprise issues.

The time is ripe to recognize the best among thriving Indian entrepreneurial community in the U.S. siliconindia presents to you the si100 list for 2013. Like every year, the annual si100 issue includes carefully scrutinized companies which display the characteristics of long-term visibility, sustained growth, business focus, profitability and customer and employee value-creation. The exhaustive list consists of companies which have made a mark in their area of expertise, be it Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Cyber Security, Networking, Mobile Apps, Hybrid Cloud or Web-Scale IT, offering an opportunity for strategic business advantage for early adopters and unveiling the potential for significant market disruption. While some are bringing revolution to the business processes through their products, others are making sure through their services that technological adoptions are perfectly oriented towards the objectives.

We salute each and every one of these entrepreneurs for their leadership, and particularly for their unrelenting dedication in building their companies. Each and every entrepreneur on this list demonstrates the utmost passion for building lasting enterprises and exudes confidence that they will succeed in tackling the current economic conditions.

A distinguished panel comprising of accomplished Indian CEO's & CIO's of public companies, VC's, analysts, founders of other VC funded companies including siliconindia editorial board decided on the top 100 companies. We congratulate the 100 finalists for achieving this vote of respect from industry leaders and commend the enterprising spirit of the Indian community and its dynamic leaders.

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