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Security policies still a concern for BYOD with Indian Companies
SI Team
Friday, November 30, 2012
Today, when companies are appreciating and nurturing BYOD within their organizations, around 46 percent of Indian enterprises are successfully deploying a BYOD policy to prohibit the use of personal mobile devices for work to mitigate the risk to the enterprise. The fact was revealed by a recent survey conducted by ISACA, a nonprofit global association of IT audit, security, risk and governance professionals.

While India outdistances the survey grabbing the first position, the trend was followed by Europe with 39 percent, China with 30 percent and the U.S. by 29 percent. Surprisingly, around 56 percent of the IT professionals in India remain resistant to the BYOD trend.

India also registered lower interest on remote wipe capability, which allows employers to delete the contents of an employee’s personal device as a security measure, with 29 percent, while the U.S. is with 46 percent, China with 39 percent and Europe with 37 percent.

On contrary to the numbers where employees in the U.S., China and Europe prohibit their employees to access social networking sites from work-supplied devices with 32 percent, 33 percent and 30 percent respectively; India again takes the center stage with 58 percent.
None-the-less, shopping online using work-supplied devices is also a big no with Indian firms. Standing exceptionally high with 45 percent against Europe-21 percent, the U.S.-20 percent and China-19 percent; the Indian enterprises need a better and wider perspective to combat with the changing mindset challenges of the globe.
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