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February - 2005 - issue > Editor's Desk
Security Pays!
Harvi Sachar
Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Security stocks were one of the preeminently performing groups in otherwise anemic market of 2004. Businesses invested significantly to protect themselves from both authentic and perceived threats. A recent research report mentioned that large organizations spend as high as 6-8 percent of their IT budgets on security. Security seems to be a great equalizer for organization of any size, in terms of attention received and subsequent headaches created. Even the smallest of businesses like us must devote time and resources to purchase all kinds of firewalls, anti virus software and have to have established policies for security. These days automated attacks are implemented by computers placed anywhere in the world onto computers anywhere else in the world. Bring a machine online with a public IP address and in a few seconds, it’s under attack. Twenty-four hours a day, automated bots scan the internet for vulnerable systems and steal the valuable information or employee “taken over” computers to churn out spam or malicious code. Someone must ultimately triumph over these machine wars.

Now even omnipotent Microsoft senses opportunity and is launching its own solution. Interestingly, where others categorize as problems, entrepreneurs consider opportunity. At least when looking to raise money for startups in this area, they won’t be concerned with explaining the “customers pain point” that their solution is supposed to address.

In this special issue on security, Amish Jani of Pequot Capital and Asheem Chandna of Greylock partners share their perspective on security area. If virus attacks knows no boundary, security solutions are also universal in nature. India-based IT product companies always claim distance from the customer as a disadvantage because it’s difficult to get requirements and customer pain points to build solutions. At least in security, requirements and pain points are universal in nature and several Israel-based security companies have taken the opportunity to build great tech companies. We present to you Microworld, a Mumbai-based tech solutions company in security space, who is finally experiencing success with building an India-based tech product company. Refreshingly, Microworld is utilizing India’s cost advantage in labor cost by offering a year of free product support while competitors are forcing their customers to pay.

Cover story on GCI is very special to us. GCI is perhaps the only private company that has been selected as one of SI100 companyfor the pervious four years, a record-setting accomplishment. GCI’s management team, led by Hiten Patel, succeeded in transforming a tiny onsite consulting services firm to a 2000-strong solutions company that offers onsite, offsite and offshore capabilities to their customers.

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