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Saritha Radhakrishnan, CSR India
ST Team
Monday, July 3, 2006
Saritha Radhakrishnan
HR Manager, CSR India Pvt. Ltd.(formerly UbiNetics India), provider of Bluetooth-based technology solutions
Employees: 130

What I Like:
Once there was a candidate for an engineer—level position. His clarity of thought stood out. The technology platform we work on and the depth of understanding of our company indicated the genuine interest and the passion towards work. His career—growth plan really struck me. A two—year experienced person knew exactly what he wants to be 10 years down the lane and could explain it clearly. This person could also benchmark himself with a prominent technical person from the industry. My gut feel said that this guy is going to be a star performer in our company and it turned out right. His contribution to the organization in the 3 years that he served us was exceptional.

What I don’t like:
One particular person had worked for 5 different companies in six years. Since he had relevant skills in his cv, we decided to interview him. The basic thing one should know is the time period in which you worked in a particular company. We asked him to fill an application form and found that what he entered was not tallying with the resume he had submitted us. In 5 minutes we wound up the interview. It was a clear case of fraud.
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