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Sanjay Sarma takes charge of MIT's First Director of Digital Learning
SI Team
Friday, November 30, 2012
A member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Mechanical Engineering faculty since 1996, Sanjay Sarma has been recently appointed as the first director of digital learning for the institute. In his current role, the Fred Fort Flowers and Daniel Fort Flowers, Professors of Mechanical Engineering will work closely with the institute’s faculty, staff and students to assess how new models of online instruction-such as the edX online-learning platform; MITx, the Institute’s course offerings on that platform; and other online tools that enhance students’ educational experiences-might become integral parts of MIT students’ on-campus education. Taking up his new role, he will step down from his post as the director of the MIT/SUTD Collaboration Office.

B.Tech from IIT, Kanpur and ME from Carnegie Mellon Univeristy with PhD. from University of California, Sanjay co-founded MIT’s Auto-ID Center in 1999 and has served as its Chairman of Research. He is the recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the Cecil and Ida Green Career Development Chair at MIT, the Ferry Award, the Den Hartog Award for Excellence and several more. He was named a MacVicar Fellow in 2008, an MIT honor reflecting outstanding undergraduate teaching, mentoring and educational innovation. Sarma has acted as Advisor to Fair Observer and since early 2012 has been in an advisory role on Energy Points’ Sustainability Council.

Sarma is well known to have developed the use of unusual terms during his lectures on Dynamics and Control including “The Magic Formula”, The Super Ultra-cool Magic Formula” and “The Pesky Term”.
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