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RoundWorld Solutions Mobile Governance Plans for Enterprises
si Team
Monday, July 11, 2016
The tremendous upsurge in data generation and consumption across diverse industry verticals has necessitated the need for mobility and analytics expertise that allows for synthesis and delivery of data on all mobile device platforms. With enterprise mobility featuring prominently at the core of many corporate strategies, enterprises today leverage it to conduct business whenever and wherever. This in turn has also obligated the companies to enforce mobile governance plans wherein they can monitor the employees' usage of mobile devices for official tasks. A mobile governance plan helps enterprises with effective management of enterprise mobile strategies while conforming to consistent standards and best practices.

Encinitas, CA-based RoundWorld Solutions (RWS) are exceptionally proficient in delivering IT governance for mobility solutions to mid-size and large corporations. Equipped with end-to-end mobility solutions that cater to the strategic interests and value generation initiatives of the customers, RWS helps analyze, design, implement, and monitor their mobile strategies. RWS has identified the key drivers behind adoption of enterprise mobility-data abundance at POS (Point of Sale), social media, automated manufacturing, and CRM, cloud services, and M2M interfaces. "We help organizations with creating a cohesive mobility strategy for improved ROI on assets, reduction of overhead costs, and enhanced levels of customer satisfaction," asserts Ajay Sarkar, Founder and CEO, RoundWorld Solutions IT Governance.

RWS recognizes the unique challenges faced by enterprises in different industries while deploying enterprise mobility solutions that counter challenges such as data security, compliance issues, interoperability, and secure network connectivity. The firm and its partners have extensive experience working with the integration of mobile technologies across domains such as life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and food technology. RWS believes in partnering with the best providers in the industry to develop global solutions that cater to the specific requirements of their customers. One of the instances had RWS enabling the cabin crew of a major airline to file reports and fill out forms using mobile devices. The consolidated process involved the development of mobile apps and server integration which substantially reduced the cycle time.

Having participated in several mobility projects involving strategy, design and deployment, RWS has addressed the unique challenge of data security in healthcare to give the customers a 360 degree view of their mobility initiatives. The RWS team brings in deep mobility knowledge and experience to augment patient care by aiding in the implementation of a cutting edge healthcare system. With a ubiquitous mobility strategy to provide all the stakeholders with the most appropriate information all the time and anywhere on any device, RWS also specializes in the application of business intelligence and mobility technology to improve productivity in the food manufacturing industry. The firm applies mobility technology for real time data gathering-raw material inventory data, manufacturing process data, finished goods data, which is then used as fodder for business intelligence analytics. Furthermore, RWS's mobility solutions provide the Food Technology customers with an unbiased perspective to improve the bottom line of the entire organization by leveraging the existing data.

With a prowess to engage customers frame the right questions and provide answers, establish the process and procedure to leverage the data and maximize the outcome, RWS has established their presence as a single-source provider delivering best-in-class multi-vendor projects. The key differentiating factor of RWS's global sourcing governance function is the local accountability that the firm provides in addition to its diligent customer support to assist organizations with reaching their strategic business goals. RWS and its partners work with enterprises to customize mobile applications, empowering customers to connect, collaborate and co-create with all stakeholders to leverage their IT investment.
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