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November - 2012 - issue > Top 5 Wireless Companies
Redpine Signals Innovation Juggernaut in the Wireless Industry
SI Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
Redpine Signals is a pioneer in bringing new technological advancements in the wireless industry. Founded in 2001, Redpine Signals is a wireless systems company with unique chipset and system level products for wireless networks.
The company introduced industry’s first simultaneous dual-band and high performance 450 Mbps 3x3 802.11n chipset which enables all devices with Wi-Fi to connect with faster and easier access at no extra costs. In 2005, it developed industry’s first low power 802.11 b/g chipset which it licensed to a premier semiconductor company, who would use it in their product or SoC as a wireless interface.
“Those in the wireless industry are constantly trying hard to achieve maximum work done in limited spectrum. When the 802.11n project was started by IEEE, we also started working on it, to understand how to make efficient use of available spectrum,” says Venkat Mattela, CEO, Redpine Signals.
Redpine has introduced Industry’s First 802.11ac technology for mobile and tablet market ahead of its biggest competitors. Creating a MIMO 11ac product, which works in 5GHz spectrum, enables video application to be deployed on Wi-Fi network. Redpine’s 11ac technology (Quali-Fi™) enables future smart phones support applications to enhance user experience in video streaming applications.
The company has built its capacity not only in hardware but also software. The Wi-Fi Design Center provides a common approach to bringing in Wireless LAN functionality into the design through the integration of a self-contained WLAN module, such as one from Redpine’s nLink or ‘Connect-io-n’ product lines. The company also provides a host of Wi-Fi applications for mobiles, Wireless speaker and mouse, gaming devices to name a few.

Redpine is a recipient of the Frost and Sullivan Global Wireless Solutions and RTLS Technology Innovation Award in 2012 for its innovations and for addressing industry’s key challenges while providing outstanding customer value.

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