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Radiant SystemsLeveraging Upon Past Experience to Secure Success in the Future
Sagaya Christuraj
Monday, November 4, 2013
In the US, there is no scarcity of firms trying to establish their mark in the ever evolving IT industry. With so many players in the market, a company needs to really differentiate itself to leave its footprint in the industry. Radiant Group which offers end to end IT and enabled services to various industries has done just that with ease.

Founded in 1995 by Venu Myneni the current CEO, Vinod Koduru, COO, the Radiant Group has been consistently been delivering success since its inception back in 1995. The reason behind this is the experience that the company received when delivering successful projects to the government and private organizations in its homeland, India. The company combines years of experience of building and leveraging relationships, and building partnerships in the Government Sector, providing intellectual capital, and proven methodologies, through the company's business model and this paved the way for the firm to be successful in the US as well.
The company has two different wings in the US alone, namely RADGOV and Radiant Systems Inc. Through these two concerns the group has become a preferred vendor for more than 25 state governments in the US as well as many Fortune 500 companies.

Empowering Governments Through RADGOV

RADGOV, headed by Jyothi Myneni and Deepa Koduru, primarily focuses on local and federal governments in the US and offers e-Business solutions, data management, e-Governance solutions, application software development, telecommunications, embedded systems, IT consulting and other solutions to the government and private sector.

It has won the hearts of more than 25 state governments in the US. The reason for the same is that it combines years of experience building and leveraging relationships, and building partnerships in the Government Sector, providing intellectual capital, and proven methodologies, through the company's business model. "We leverage RADGOV's global capabilities to support our public sector and government clients through dedicated, organized and client-focused teams." says Myneni.

RADGOV has sustained an impressive growth rate in both capabilities and profitability, and is now positioned to be one of the major contributors in the Government Sector. RADGOV is continually undergoing a transformation and reorientation in response to the rapidly evolving needs of our Government clients. "RADGOV has depth and breadth of IT services complimented with technical excellence and quality to generate IT solutions for today and tomorrow," adds Myneni.

Serving the Fortune 500 Through Radiant Systems

The other wing of Radiant Group is Radiant Systems Inc., which provides a broad range of solutions, services and products to the telecom, pharma and life sciences, financial and insurance, manufacturing and other verticals.
"Radiant Systems Inc has been our preferred vendors and has helped us develop proof-of-concept software for the Compound Annotation System. Radiant was responsible for the Project Management, Development and final roll out. The project involved various locations in Europe and North America. Radiant understood our business processes completely and with their expertise and solutions in the pharmaceutical data management space have customized an application and the associated solution for use internally by Sanofi-Aventis. Radiant used latest tools and technologies in developing this customized solution. I would highly recommend Radiant Systems, Inc for any software development projects, specifically utilizing their expertise in the chemical annotation space," mentions the Sr. IT manager of Sanofi-Aventis.

Philosophy and Work Culture

The crucial differentiating factor about this company has been the fact that it has been focussing on working with direct clients from the word "go" which is not necessarily the case with its competition and this has helped them to win the trust of many of the big names in various industries such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis, J&J, GE, HP, Ford, Nissan, Caterpillar, Goldman, JP Morgan, Guardian, MetLife, ADP, Merrill Lynch and many more.
Though working with direct clients can be a bit of a hassle at times, Radiant, since its inception, has never had any issues with any of its clients either in confidentiality, privacy, trade secrets or legal matters. The company has put in a lot of effort to make sure the client's interests, success and comfort are priority over other matters.

Add to this the solid recruitment strength that the company has built in the US since the start. It has accomplished this by avoiding dependency on the immigration route. Today, Radiant is the only company in the IT services industry which has over 95 percent non H1B work force. This is helping the company to with stand the fluctuations in the visa numbers and build a strong recruiting strength locally. This is also keeping at bay many of the legal issues that arise with the changing immigration laws and rules.

This soon to be giant is supported by over a 1000 employees globally. Radiant is an equal opportunity employer and has one of the most dedicated and talented team which it manages to retain due to its open and friendly work culture. This reflects the company's commitment to open exchange of ideas in providing quality service to its clients. "To work at Radiant is to be part of an institution and community that offers constant support, both professionally and personally. The environment at Radiant encourages leadership, and provides an opportunity to succeed through a tradition of teamwork," mentions Myneni. He goes on to add "Our philosophy towards rewards is that people get motivated once performance is acknowledged and rewarded." The company also houses a very experienced and senior management team and this in turn has helped the company to sustain, grow and withstand many economic downturns.

The Roots of The Group

The founders implemented the same formula for success from the very beginning and it has helped them to earn the respect from its clients. Customers such as AT&T and Novartis have gone a step ahead and honored them for their timely services, trust factor, professionalism and work ethics. The company has also many other claims to fame such as the Deloitte Fast 50, Inc500, NJ Finest, Hot 25 Technology and Washington Technology Fast 50 awards and was honored by Microsoft as a Gold Certified Partner.

The Radiant group operates under the name of Radiant Info Systems in India. Founded in 1997 along with Mr. C. Narayanacharyulu. it is a pioneer in the online reservation space for the transportation segment in India and saw this opportunity in its initial phases and focused on this space for the last few years. Radiant Info implemented India's first on-line bus reservation system for the State of Karnataka in the year 2006 and then went on adding many states including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab and Gujarat etc. The Online Reservation Solutions [ORS] have redefined the way the industry is operating today.

The spark that started this revolutionary concept was the simple thought that the bus industry will be able to serve the citizens more efficiently if such systems were at hand. So, the technology and infrastructure were slowly implemented into the various transport organizations, owned either by different states or private organizations. The idea took shape under the name of Busindia.com and today it has brought the nation's entire bus seat inventory under one roof.

Radiant Info Systems caters to the e-Governance and Transportation logistics verticals in India. It has many other successful projects under its belt for the government of India and other private institutions which includes, developing the software and implementing the National ID card project which is now known as the UID/Aadhar card.

The company has also won many awards in India including the number one fastest growing Tech Company in India from Deloitte, excellence in innovation award and best ISV partner award from IBM, Novell's best VAS partner award and the Intel Jagruthi award. The company is continuing its services and has many more innovative and interesting projects in the pipeline for India.

The success of the group has to be attributed to its future sighted founders. Venu Myneni, the CEO and Vinod Koduru of the Radiant group has led the team into only success and nothing less. For its contributions to the company the management has received many accolades such as, "40 under 40", "Top 50 Asia Pacific entrepreneurs", "E&Y Entrepreneur" of the year finalist awards and many others.
The Road Map Ahead

Understanding the fact that the IT industry keeps evolving every day, Radiant, from the beginning, has never backed down in adopting new technologies and reinventing itself. Right from the client/server technologies to ERP tools to mobile solutions to e-commerce, Radiant provided the best and latest technologies and solutions to its clients. Today, Radiant is in the forefront in providing Big Data and Cloud computing solutions to its clients. The company which has already left its footprint in India and the UK is going through a major expansion in Europe and is restructuring its operations in the US.

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