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Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Applabs Technologies appoints Mohan Krishna Reddy as CFO

A keen proponent of good corporate governance practices, Mohan Krishna Reddy took over the post of Chief Financial Officer at Applabs Technologies with two decades of experience in the financial industry patronizing him.
Reddy attributes his strategizing ability to his career as an investment banker where he dealt with a broad spectrum of the financial industry. It was this opportunity that gave him the drive to shift to the IT industry as the CFO. “The challenge of building a great organization from a rapidly growing start-up like Applabs was difficult to resist,” says this keen golfer who is will now focus on corporate governance practices and stakeholder value at Applabs.

A voracious reader and vacation-lover, Reddy’s experience in mergers and acquisitions, fiscal management and investor outreach, is gearing him to energize Applabs in the global market. An Economics graduate with a Masters in Financial Management, he’s a member of the Finance and Banking Committee of the Confederation of Indian Industries.

Wipro Infotech welcomes back Ashutosh Vaidya as the Head of Personal Computing Division

A stint in the U.S. to learn about customer market and behavior found Ashutosh Vaidya return to Wipro to head the Personal Computing Division in India.

“The Indian PC industry is growing very well with more mature customers entering the market,” says Vaidya who believes that this growing interest for personal computers is reinforcing the necessity for quality improvement – a strategy he plans to work on.
“Every hour of work of a knowledge worker in India, be it a student or a professional, must repay him well,” says this marketing enthusiast who is all set to bring a renaissance in customer marketing in Wipro.

A management student from IIM - Ahmedabad, Vaidya was absorbed into Wipro in 1985. He took off from there to return to Wipro again to head the PC Division. Vaidya enjoys playing squash and reading books like‘The Tipping Point,’ ‘Freakonomics’, and ‘Maverick.’

Kalyan Gangavarapu appointed as COO- Four-Soft Limited
“One is successful not because of what he is, but what he thinks,” eulogizes Kalyan Gangavarapu, the recently appointed Chief Operating Officer of Four-Soft, a multinational Enterprise Solutions company, at Hyderabad.

Peripateting from Hyderabad to U.S., South Korea, Japan, U.K. and back to Hyderabad in a career spanning 13-years with several multinationals prior to Four-Soft, Gangavarapu scaled the career-ladder with one propelling forethought – “Leadership is much more than management.”

Victimized by the Kashmir unrest in 1991, Gangavarapu was forced to discontinue his Bachelors degree at Srinagar and relocate to Hyderabad. A short stint with Andersen Consulting in Kolkata saw him fly to the U.S. to enhance his career and earn a PhD from Harvard University.

“Four-Soft has a lot of good things that I would like to sustain,” says this new entrant. Nevertheless, he plans to introduce a quarterly-culture, setting quarterly targets to accomplish, maintaining the same level of motivation and energy of his employees.
Recipient of “Award of Excellence” in 1999-2000 from former U.S. President Bill Clinton and an associated member of Federal Enterprise Architecture-Program Management Office, Gangavarapu proposes to transpose his knowledge to youngsters through career-counseling sessions.
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