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Penop Pocketsign
Monday, November 1, 1999
For users with handheld PCs, PenOp has introduced software that allows you to electronically sign transactions. The PocketSign is the first electronic handwritten signature application for owners of Palm Computing handheld devices and IBM WorkPad organizers. PenOp PocketSign software allows you to sign e-commerce transactions on your PC using your handheld organizer to capture a secure handwritten signature. PocketSign software gives you the power to use a handwritten signature to open brokerage accounts, sign contracts and submit applications via the Web, eliminating the delays and costs of moving paper forms through the printer, fax and mail room.
PenOp software uses secure biometric and digital signature technology to authenticate all signatories, confirm the sender's intent and provide the audit trail required for a legally effective transaction over any network.

List price: $40 - Contact: www.penop.com

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