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Oracle wins over BEA Systems
Christo Jacob
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Oracle’s chase on BEA Systems since last year has come to an end now. BEA board’s rejection of Oracle’s $6.7 billion bid, only meant Larry Ellison will have to motivate his team to strive for it. His new bid to acquire BEA for $8.5 billion seems to have finally brought cheers to Oracle middleware customers.

“While the merger seems to be good for existing customers,” Dennis Gaughan, Research Director at the Boston-based AMR Research says, “Companies reflecting a new middleware investment in either Oracle or BEA may find themselves navigating a maze of product overlaps and partially finished integration efforts.”

An industry analyst at RedMonk.com finds that the BEA middleware products Oracle has bought will likely appeal to telecommunications firms that Oracle has struggled to win over in the past. There are also speculations that it will take years for Oracle to have a middleware stack that incorporates BEA’s values.

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