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Open Mobile Solutions Leveraging the Power of 'Openness'
SI Team
Monday, May 2, 2011
Founded by Jai Jaisimha in 2009, Open Mobile Solutions (OMS) helps people navigate the complexities of the mobile ecosystem and build a thriving mobile applications business. It is a difficult task to formulate a mobile product plan, decide how to implement it, find the right people/organizations to fill gaps in organizational skill sets, take products to market and make money in the mobile ecosystem. Open Mobile Solutions aims to change this by helping their clients to connect to the right resources. The company’s current network of App Builders supports a wide range of mobile applications and mobile web platforms.

The company’s model works in four stages, these are; Connection, Competition, Cooperation, and Content. Connection - OMS will match up those looking to create mobile application (Creators) with highly-qualified developers (Builders) who can advise, design, and execute their plans for mobile applications. Competition - they will present the customer with multiple independent competitive bids from its strictly-screened development partners, allowing the customer to select a developer based on price, as well as other factors. Cooperation – the company makes sure that their customers are receiving the necessary cooperation from Strategic Partners, such as carriers, OS platforms, middleware, and advertising aggregators. Content – they also provide expert-informed guidance to Creators throughout the planning-development-launch process.

With their ‘openness’ and disruptive technology the company has a very strong presence in the mobile market.
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